Basic Life Insurance

In the event of death of the insured individual, basic life insurance provides benefits directly to beneficiaries.  Amount of benefits can use for:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Making-up the loss of income
  • Paying off debt
  • Children Education Fund
  • Other related expenses

Death Benefit

  1. Upon death of the insured, the designated beneficiary/ies will be indemnified in accordance with the Table of MEADA’s Life Insurance Benefits.
  2. Upon death of the insured legal spouse the client will receive the life insurance benefits according to the Table of MEADA’s Life Insurance Benefits.

What’s Covered

  1. Accidental Death

Accidental death refers to any death as a direct result, independently and exclusively of all other causes of bodily injury effected solely by external violent and accidental means rather than because of illnesses or natural causes. Accidental can be the result of an auto accident, a fall, boating accident, drowning and any other instance that is unrelated to health issues and is not caused by suicide.

The following causes of death shall not be considered accidental in nature but payable under the coverage of non-accidental benefits.

  1. Provoked Murder- If the insured is the initiator to commit the murder.
  2. Accident occurring while or because the Insured is under the influence of alcohol or any unprescribed drug.
  3. Surgical Complication- Medical malpractice of surgeons, doctors or dentists
  1. Non Accident

Any death that is not the result of an accident. Examples of non-accidental death include illness, old age, and deliberate injury caused by another etc.

Eligibity Requirements

  •  Applicants must be at least eighteen (18) years old but not more than sixty (60) years old as of the enrollment date.
    The legal spouse of the applicants can also be insured provided he was eligible on age requirements.
  • The Policy can be renewed until the 65th birthday of the principal insured.

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