Why Choose Us

We Have Vision

MEADA is envisioned to contribute poverty reduction to the economically challenged and vulnerable targeted families in Cambodia.

We Have Mission

MEADA shall be the provider of risk mitigation services to economically challenged and vulnerable targeted families through access to death benefits, medical subsidy, retirement savings and other risk mitigating approaches regardless of race, gender, religion and political affiliation.  We aim to help people live with dignity.

You Can Trust Us

MEADA Rabrong, Plc. was incorporated as public limited company in Cambodia under registration no. Co-1250KH/2015 issued by the Ministry of Commerce on 01, April 2015. We are duly regulated by the Ministry of Economy and Finance and duly follow all rules and regulations set by the regulators. We are recognized by all insurance company players in the kingdom and a member of Insurance Association of Cambodia (AIC).

Our Corporate Responsibility

We are established to help MFIs and its clients to cope up with their uncertainties when risks happen. We are imploring a claims settlement strategy that the MFIs and its clients can receive the claim benefits as fast as 1 day, when they are needed it most, at the time of filing.

We are also committed in expanding our financial literacy, accident avoidance, and health awareness program to our clients.