Board of Directors

Dr. Chiv Bunthy


He assumed MEADA’s BOD membership position in 2011. Doctor by profession Dr. Chiv Bunthy has more than 18 years of experiences working as Project Director of TB, HIV/AIDS, and Reproductive Health Projects. Currently he is the Secretariat Manager of Country Coordinating Committee for global fund fighting against tuberculosis, AIDS and Malaria.

Other than health related sector Dr. Bunthy also has extensive experiences in rural credit and public health management. He is proven with strong leadership and managerial skills.

Academically, Dr. Bunthy earned his Master’s Degree in Public Health from the International University of Phnom Penh and Diploma in TB control and Epidemiology from the Research institute of TB from Japan/WHO. He is also a member of Japan’s Anti-Tuberculosis Association and of GLOBALINK the International Tobacco Control Community.

King Kap Kalyan


Mr. King Kap Kalyan initially served as the Advisory Board of MEADA in 2011 and eventually elected as Chairman of the Board in November 2013.

He has 23 years of experience in Micro finance and Banking sector. He served in the Bank Supervision Department of the National Bank of Cambodia as Supervisor from 1993 to 2002.

In 2002-2004, Mr. Kalyan worked as Credit Program Director for CHC NGO. Currently, He is the Chief Executive Officer of SAMIC Plc.

Academically, he is equipped with an Associate an Bachelor Degrees in Banking, and an MBA in Finance and Banking and Organization Development specialized in Microfinance Management from South East Asia Inter Disciplinary Institution in Philippines.

Suos Man


Madamme Suos Man was born in 1955 in Phnom Penh. She initially worked as a primary teacher at the Kolap Kandal Stoeung Orphange in Kandal province, and then from 1982 to 1983, at Chakdomuk Primary School in Phnom Penh.

She studied Spanish at the Institute of Foreign Languages (IFL) where she was promoted to be in charge of Modern Languages Unit when she just finished her studies. She also enrolled in 5 years-English Teacher Training program at IFL, Royal University of Phnom Penh where she was one of the first batch of graduates of the Bachelor of Education (B.E.d-TEFL), she was selected to work at Institute of Foreign Languages.She lectured on different subjects such as Literature Studies, Applied Linguistics and Teaching Methodology.

In 1995, she won a scholarship to study in Australia and got a Graduate Diploma ( TESOL), University of Canberra (Australia). She was a Senior Lecturer and was promoted as the Head of English Department and then the Deputy Director of the Institute of Foreign Language, responsible for academic, management, and overseeing of all language programs of the department and staff including policy development and statements, quality control and providing professional leadership and advice.

She used to work as a Board of Directors for Gender and Development for Cambodia (GAD/C) and a Commissioner of Girl Guides Association of Cambodia (GGAC), in charge of Training Program. Ms. Suos Man is currently holding a position of a Vice-Rector at the Royal University of Phnom Penh.

Dr. Sok Thim


Dr. Sok Thim has been serving as MEADA Board of Director since 2011. He used to hold as the Executive Director of Cambodia Health Committee NGO where he was also the co-Founder on 2010. Born in Battambang, Cambodia, Sok Thim entered the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Phnom Penh in 1973.

Unfortunately, his education was cut short by war and he was forced to leave the university after two years when the Khmer Rouge took over Cambodia for the Thai Cambodian border in 1981 and began to work and study with the American Refugee Committee (ARC) where he became first a nurse, health worker and then manager of the ARC TB Program before becoming the TB coordinator for all the refugee camps on the Thai Cambodian border.

Sok Thim received his. M.D form the International University of Phnom Penh on 2006. He is the principle Investigator of the CIPRA grant from the NIH and is a coordinating Investigator of CAMILIA Study.

Ms. May S. Dawat


Ms. May S. Dawat is currently the General Manger of CARD MBA, Inc. (Center for Agriculture and Rural Development Mutual Benefit Association, Inc.) the leading provider of microinsurance products to low-income people owned and managed by its members with around 2.7 million active members which is equivalent to 13.5 million insured individuals in the Philippines.

Priors to assuming the General Manger position she had a very solid background on Accounting and Finance. She initially started as Internal Audit Assistant at CARD Inc. (NGO providing Microfinance) from 1998 to 1999. Seeing her potential, CARD Management decided to transfer her to the newly formed microinsurance arm of CARD the CARD MBA, as Finance Officer from 1999-2001.

Eventually she moved into higher Finance positions in CARD MBA by being the Chief Finance Officer form 2002-2007 and Assistant Manager for Administration and Finance from 2008-2011. With her commitment and experience within the same institution, she was then appointed to be the General Manager in 2011 there by shifting her focus on the overall microinsurance operations. Ms. Dawat has a Masters in Community Economics Development from the Southern New Hampshire University in New Hampshire USA and a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Laguna College in the Philippines.