7NG Cambodia has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with MEADA Rabrong Plc. To provide life insurance 5 years to customers who subscribe to the 7NG project.
Khem Sary, director of theMEADA Rabrong Plc., said in a memorandum of understanding that the insurance company had two products: Loan Protection Insurance and Basic Life Insurance. According to Khem Sary, the MoU will help 7NG customers become more confident when they die in any way while they are buying a 7NG project.

“The insurance is to help protect the risk of customers who come to buy 7NG projects, which protects the customer’s financial condition when he dies,” he said. Insurance is not a layout that protects it, just like we bought a fire extinguisher at home, but we did not lay down a house fire to protect the house. ”
Dr. CHIN Chanrathana, Director of IIC and TPP said that 7NG has already received licenses and licenses from ministries and relevant authorities in shaping hands on the project. According to the CEO, the MoU is the company’s thinking.

“7NG does not leave clients who subscribe to their projects lonely,” he said. We make them confident, so we buy a five-year life insurance product for our customers. ”

Dr. Chan Chanrathana said that 7NG had a total of 13,000 acres of land and in the ancient city project in Vihear Sur more than 30,000 sqm of more than 40,000 plots, and the company sought home furnishings Customers who subscribe to the project. This project includes: garden, park, condominium.